Tokyo Office (headquarter)
If you have something,
Please contact the following email address.
6th FL,CJ BLDG, 7-4, Nishishimbashi 2-Chome Minato-ku Tokyo
TEL :       / FAX : 03-3500-3402
Osaka Office
3rd FL, Osakaekimaedaini BLDG, 2-2, Umeda 1-Chome Kita-ku Osaka
TEL : 06-6442-8807 / FAX : 06-6442-8866
September 1984 Aska CPA joint office established
April 1987 Aska & Co. established
April 2004 Osaka Office established
October 2004 Registered at TIAG
September 2010 Registered at PCAOB
  1. Audit and Assurance Services based on Commercial Code, Securities and Exchange Law and other Laws in general
  2. Due Diligence
  3. Advisory Services for IPO
  4. Internal Controls Support
  5. Comprehensive Advisory Services related to M&AFinancial and Tax structuring Advisory Services
  6. IFRS Support
Note:We couln't provide the consulting service to our audit client at the same time.
Number of
Audit Clients
(1) Audit clients based on Commercial Code and Securities and Exchange Law16
(2) Audit clients based on Commercial Code 10
(3) Other clients including offering of stock to the public6
(4) Guarantee(review), accounting advisory and disclosure support affairs10

TIAG is worldwide member firm that belongs 110 countries and 292firms/757 offices Including 18,000 professional advisers in the world.
*From annual review 2019
(1) We specialize in advisory for middle-class companies of going public.
(2) Since the beginnig We have supported 22companies whose share could be traded on stock markets by audit.
(3) Our staff members are experienced CPAs specialized in advisory for publicly listed Companies.
(4) We are the only member firm of TIAG (The International Accounting Group) in Japan.
(5) We are registering in PCAOB.(Piblic Company Accounting Oversight Board)

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